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Rainbow Castle Climber Package II

Rainbow's Safe Construction

Attention to detail, safety, and visual appearance is evident everywhere. Balance; subtle side rails; attractive and safer vinyl coated steel brackets and climbing ladders; rich select-grade redwood; superior hardware and accessories that perform superbly alone or together; sturdy large beam and through-bolt construction for long-term safety and enjoyment; smooth and rounded play surfaces for safety; vinyl coated safety chains, and versatile and expandable designs all contribute to the placement of Rainbow's quality ahead of all others.

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4" x 4", 4" x 6" Construction

Assures the owner that these play structures are designed to remain safe, endure the roughest play, and be tough enough for even Mom and Dad after years of use. Rainbow Play Systems was one of the first manufacturers to utilize large beam and heavy bolt-through construction for residential use. Every structural 4 x 4 or 4 x 6 main beam is fastened together with equal strength quality 1/2" diameter bolts and hardware. Examples of this engineering are on every Rainbow Play System we offer.

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Vertical Safety Rails

Vertical Safety Rails The clean and open architectural design allows each play structure to blend with the backyard and contributes to the overall attractive environment. The Rainbow Safety Rail is an exclusive design, providing an excellent fort-effect for a child. The parent benefits from the safety assurance presented by the climb-resistant barrier, which at the same time contributes to supervision of play. Our safety rail is also a safety provision so that only children of an appropriate age may gain access to the penthouse and monkey bar. It is also removable so that you may decide when your child is ready for these advanced challenges.

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Dipped Brackets

Dipped Brackets Solid steel brackets add structural support to our swing beams, monkey bars, and penthouses, and are an exclusive feature of Rainbow Play Systems. Our bracketing system also enables installers to adjust monkey bars and swing beams to surfaces that may not be level to the main structure. The 90° angle brackets are also essential to the safety in mounting our newly designed spacious penthouse. Each bracket is dipped in vinyl to provide softer edges and contribute to the over-all beauty of the play structure.

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Angled Climbing Ladders

Angled Climbing Ladders Add strength while the vinyl coated climbing rungs will maintain a new looking appearance for years to come. Angled climbing, with properly spaced climbing rungs, provides for a safer climbing adventure, especially for younger children. Should a child misdirect a step, the angled effect will catch the child and position him or her for a safe retry. The ladders are attached to our main 4 x 6 beams with 1/2" diameter bolts. The sheer load has been removed from these bolts with our 4 x 6 Fat Freddie brackets. This also provides ample space for Rainbow's Tire Swing, our version of a glider. The tire swing is a safer group play activity and encourages sharing.

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Redwood Construction Redwood is specifically chosen because of it's natural resistance to decay and insects. Rainbow primarily selects regenerated, second growth heart Redwood. This grade of Redwood has fewer knots and is specifically grown for use in furniture manufacturing and construction. Its long-lasting natural characteristics provide beauty, warmth, and structural durability. According to the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture "Redwood has less volumetric and tangential shrinkage than other common domestic softwoods". In other words Redwood maintains a long lasting, stay-flat, straight characteristic on your Rainbow Play System in the years to come.

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The Free Standing Design

Freestanding Design A result of enormous engineering efforts. Amazingly strong, it is constructed with precise angles and notched wood construction in the forts, swing beams, and monkey bars. This tremendous structural support system results in a freestanding, equilateral triangular design that does not require anchors or concrete. The architectural design is guaranteed not to budge during the most rigorous play by children, or even grown-ups that are "children at heart". Owners also benefit by having a structure that may be disassembled and moved.

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Notched and Angled Wood Brackets

Notched and Angled Wood Brackets Wood on wood construction achieves extra structural support advantages. Their purpose is to eliminate sheer load on the bolt construction and provide additional support to various play activities. The result is a long-lasting durable structure that also offers a fabulous, unique, leveling system. Each 4 x 4 and 4 x 6 bracket is manufactured from one piece of wood notched and angled precisely to fulfill its purpose of structural integrity. Our brackets are NOT two pieces of wood screwed together to form a bracket that in time may deteriorate because of sheer load on these screws.

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Half Inch Radius Edge and Recessed Hardware

Half inch Radius Edge and Recessed Hardware Extra time and detail provide a surface that is smooth and safe to touch. All beams have been planed with all exposed corners rounded to A half inch radius edge. A rounder softer corner will give you the peace of mind that Rainbow excels in going one step further. We planned ahead, knowing that your child will climb all over, on top of, around, and inside the structure, so that every inch is as safe as the next. All Rainbow's 4 x 4 and 4 x 6 structural supports feature 1/2" diameter conventional bolt-through construction. This enables the owner to adjust the tightness as the wood naturally expands and contracts. Each piece of hardware is either recessed into the wood or safety capped with acorn nuts which will contribute to a safer more attractive finish.

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Fastener Free Decking and Large Play Platforms

Fastener Free Decking and Large Play Platforms Deck boards are held in place with 2" x 4" cross members that are attached with wood screws from the underside. These cross members are then used to secure the deck sections to the superstructure. This hidden construction detail leaves the play surface smooth for added safety and contributes to the overall clean architectural look of every Rainbow Play System. A child might describe Rainbow's extra large play platforms as "totally awesome." A major reason our decks are so large is that children like the extra space for adventures, meetings, and social events. Secondly, since active play is encouraged, parents will appreciate Rainbow's safety considerations. A third reason is that they will accommodate children for many years.

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Bronze Bushing Swing Hangers, Spring Clips and Vinyl Coated Safety Chain

Swing Hardware Heavy duty bronze bushing ductile iron hangers provide an effortless ride while their gliding ring directs the swinging motion and reduces side sway. Also, a bronze bushing insert reduces the chance of squeaking and friction that may cause early wear. Each hanger includes its own quick change spring clip for adjusting convenience.

Straight coil safety chain is the safest, most durable swing support. As an added safety feature, Rainbow Play Systems vinyl coats the chain to make it smooth to the touch and to provide insulation against heat and cold.

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Safety Slides

Slides Rainbow's Safety-scoop Slide is the first of its kind. It offers deep side walls that cradle even the youngest child and guide them in the only intended direction – down, not over the side. The materials used in the construction remain safe to the touch and will not crack, even on the coldest day. Each slide is UV stabilized to maintain its original color and is a one piece construction. Each slide is also accented with 2 x 4 wood side trim. All Rainbow slides come with a full 10-year warranty.

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