Rainbow Play Systems

Rainbow's modular components, like the Rainbow climbing rope and ladder, climbing rungs, trapeze and triangles, and monkey bars are designed to increase grip and finger strength; leg strength; upper body strength; gross motor skills; balance; stretching; eye-hand and foot coordination, and cardiovascular stimulation.

Parents today realize the importance of a proper play environment, and that physical development is only part of the story. Play is also vital to the learning process. Children need to be provided the type of play activities found in a Rainbow Play System. These activities will develop intellectual and emotional abilities, social skills, confidence, and creative imaginations. Arnold Gesell, famous for research in child development believed that the "mind manifests itself in everything the body does."

The Employees of Rainbow Most parents look beyond the issues of safety, quality, and development that a Rainbow Play Systems addresses to nourish and keep their children safe, Environment is also a great concern among parents today. Where do their children play? What types of habits and behavior are they exposed to? What kind of busy streets are nearby? What other types of hazardous environments might their children be left to explore if they are lacking safer alternatives? Today there is even a growing concern for the physical safety and security of children at the neighborhood parks.

A Rainbow Play System provides for the imaginative play your children need and desire, right in the safety of your own back yard.

The Rainbow Factory

Play is the child's work. Rainbow considers what is important to a child. Today it is thought that children inherently will excel in any one or a combination of several different types of skills and intelligence. Children will naturally look for the type of play that expresses and demonstrates their abilities. Rainbow's broad spectrum of proven play environments will enhance your child's special gifts and also provides an opportunity to expand less natural abilities, thus creating a confidence edge for your child in today's competitive world.

The real value in a play environment is a product that will last and keep your children involved and happy throughout their childhood.